What is a scholarship?

A Scholarship is when a student is given aid and support for studies. Scholarships are not a liability on the student, as it is awarded to a student on certain conditions met.

There are numerous kinds of scholarships offered by a number of institutions and professional organizations.

Kinds of scholarships

There are many scholarships that are on a merit basis. When a certain criterion is met by the student or the student has a special talent, a full or partial deduction or waive is applied on the tuition fee.

A scholarship awarded might equal to the whole tuition fee, or partial. The cost reduction is worthwhile.

Way to apply for scholarships

The requirements for a particular scholarship vary. LAMTANS help you get a scholarship in an international institution. We assist you how to apply for the scholarship timely and help you in submitting all the required documents. We have affiliations with the best universities all over the world, and provide you with the best guidance and help you get the scholarship in your desired university.

Postgraduate scholarships for international students

If we take the example of the UK, you can get a scholarship for post-graduation. As said earlier a scholarship covers tuition fees and also the cost of living in the UK. Same way, undergraduate scholarships are also available.

Scholarship to do a one-year taught masters

Apply for a Chevening Scholarship:

  • You are an undergraduate
  • Eligible work experience is 2 years
  • English proficiency

Other scholarships include:

  • A PhD
  • A split-site PhD
  • A Masters

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