1) Privacy Policy

At LAMTANS Consultants, we understand that your privacy is important to you. Therefore, we are loyal to fulfilling your expectations and will agree to all applicable privacy and data protection legislation according to your personal data and sensitive information. We are dedicated to protecting your privacy and technology that provides you the best and safest online exposure. This Privacy statement applies to the Web site and governs data collection and usage. By using the website, you agree to the data practices described in this statement. This privacy policy is tells you about why and how we gather data, how we protect your data and other information when using our website or services. Please read the privacy policy vigilantly.

2) What are the student essential services?

LAMTANS Consultants offers services by directly contacting the universities or to the study groups to help students in acquiring quality education abroad. These services include Overseas Student Health Cover (OHSC), accommodation arrangements, visa application services, pre-departure briefing, and career counseling. We provide services to assist you with international studies which includes counseling, application help, visa assistance, English language testing guidance and registration (IELTS), education fair, expo, and seminars.

3) Your dealing with us for studying abroad:

When you register on our website for studying abroad or in any of our events so we will collect your personal information such as your name, email address, home address, date of birth, qualification, interested course, preferred study destination, how did you find us and when you intend to study.

If you meet our qualified counselors and get the expert advice on study abroad, while assisting you for your international students, the company requests you for your additional information such as your previous and most current qualifications, employment history, internships, professional memberships, areas of interests, awards and certifications, copies of documents as proof of identity such as copies of passport, marital status, property documents and bank statements as a your eligibility to fund the international universities. We may also request sensitive information related to your medical information required for visa application.

4) Information Collected

We only collect information depending on our correspondence with you and the requirements for the application process we provide support with and do on your behalf. All the contact information such as name, email address, telephone number, academic background provided to us by you in any form is kept to contact and respond to your requests.

5) Why do we collect your personal data?

  1. Assist you to pursue the opportunity to study at a notable university in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and Germany
  2. Provide you with relevant information on your study alternatives according to your profile.
  3. Your application process is preceded along with your profile and additional documents to the university upon which the offer letter is released.
  4. Provide opportunities to participate in youth development projects and programs.
  5. Provide an opportunity to be a part of our consultancy team for a six-week internship.
  6. Get the expert feedback and testimonials on your experience.
  7. To know about the individual’s visa history.
  8. To match these documents with the statement of purpose provided by the students.

6) The detail of how we secure your privacy is mentioned below:

  1. We only gather information on what we need to help you with your international university admission process or provide you with information that you ask for, customizing it to your interests.
  2. We won’t keep your additional data. If we don’t need it, and you don’t want us to keep it so we will erase it from data sources.
  3. We want you to understand all that we do with your data, so we’ll try our best to explain you.
  4. We do not circulate your data to third parties for marketing purposes without notifying you.
The rest of this policy provides you with more detail about our privacy and personal information handling practices;

7) Storage and security of personal and/or sensitive information

LAMTANS Consultants takes all possible steps to keep secure personal information recorded and to keep this information accurate and up to date. The personal information is stored on secure servers if in digital format, or in locked areas if in hardcopy format: these repositories are protected in controlled facilities. LAMTANS Consultants’ employees and data processors are obliged to respect the confidentiality of any personal and/or sensitive information held by LAMTANS Consultants. We only allow authorized personnel to access your information and information will only be disclosed to third parties where they have the appropriate authority. We destroy or de-identify personal information we no longer need, wherever possible.

8) Problems, queries or complaints

For further information regarding this Privacy Policy or to make a complaint about the steps taken by LAMTANS to protect your personal information or privacy, please contact LAMTANS Consultants’ Privacy Officer by emailing info@lamtansconsultants.com. We will investigate any complaints received in writing and do our best to resolve them as soon as possible.

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